So I didn´t wanted to have pasta carbonara this time. Got myself some pistacchio in a cheap supermarket and came home. What to do with that? Pasta, of course. Pasta is cheeeeap!

Technically I don´t believe this is a pesto but it works almost as one; this is how I made it:

Got some pistachio, peeled them, threw´em in a kitchen towel with some sunflower seeds, wrapped and beated with my garlic smasher. Yep, my

kitchen is small and there is nothing else to hammer things with ¬¬. Anyway, this is simple and fast to make. Most of the pistachio and sunflower seeds turned into small pieces, it was ok to have some of them big, I like my food to look and taste like that, for texture and also because I don´t like when the pasta looks toooo clean. Let a big pen in the fire and threw the seeds in there. After they toasted lightly I putted a sip of oil, 2 spoons of butter and the leek. Move it like a master now! Pasta done and rinsed, threw it together in the pen with the pesto. Some salt, some Moooove it like a master and some of the pecorino while you´re mixing it, so it takes flavour to all pasta. That was it.

Why leek? I don´t know, it tastes good, don´t interfere too much in the flavour and that was all I had in my fridge. If I was rich I would have some truffle oil instead of the leek.

Organized part of the recipe:

Pistacchio pesto pasta – portion for 1 person (multiply it as much as you feel like)

– a finger long part of a leek, washed and sliced. Maybe the small finger of your hand. Like 10 cm?

– half a handfull of pistacchio, peeled and roughly crushed.

– half the quantity of pistacchio in sunflower seeds, crushed.

– 2 spoons of butter

– 2 spoons of pecorino in small pieces (I don´t have I grinder at home, just a zester).

– Pasta enough for one person (120-180gr.) I used some pappardelle al uovo I bought in Rome, very good qualitiy but I guess this could work with other long pastas such as linguini and fetuccini as well.

Well, it don´t hurt so much to write about food for the first time. I think I need to learn to take better pictures of food so I can convince people that it didn´t looked so bad and it tastes good and all sure baby yeah 🙂